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Pikes Peak Makerspace Classes

The Pikes Peak Makerspace provides access to a variety of powerful tools and technology, but these tools require specialized knowledge to operate safely and effectively. Training on equipment is necessary to ensure the safety of makerspace users and help them get the most out of the resources available. With proper training, makers can create more intricate designs and explore the full potential of the makerspace.

We not only provides training on equipment by qualified and skilled members, but through the training we ensure that you do not cause injury to yourself or others. You can also learn techniques for creating intricate cuts and designs, allowing you to create a more elaborate pieces. With the knowledge and skills gained from training, you can get the most out of the makerspace resources and your membership, creating high-quality projects with confidence and safety.

Using the calendar below, simply select the class that you are interested in attending, sign up for the event, make your payment, and check your email for confirmation of your registration.

Non Member Availablilty

Most classes are available to the general public at full cost. You can browse the classes we offer below or view upcoming events on Meetup. If you would like to attend and pay for a class please contact us via email. Pricing on Meetup is established for members so non-members will need to contact us directly for the price and Availablilty.


We are currently working on streamlining our registration process, so if the calendar link does not work, feel free to use the Pikes Peak Makerspace Meetup page to book your class.

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Pikes Peak Makerspace is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization

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